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Learn all about our services for victims of crime in New Brunswick.

Know Your Rights as a Victim of Crime

Victim Services staff will inform you of your rights as you go through the court process.

Are you a Victim of Intimate Partner Abuse?

You are not alone. There are people at Victim Services that can help. Contact one of our offices in New Brunswick.

We provide support before, during, and after the trial

If your case goes to court, we can assist you as you write an impact statement, provide information on testimonial aids, and much more.

Support for Victims of Crime

“We can advise you on how to ask for reimbursement if the court requires you to testify, and can provide support as you testify. We also provide information on publication bans and testimonial aids.”

– New Brunswick Victim Services

Learn more about options to keep you and your family safe.

If you are afraid or feel you are in danger, there are legal tools you can use to help keep you safe. Ask us about:

  • Peace Bonds and Protective Orders

  • Emergency Intervention Orders (EIO)

  • How to ask for No-Contact with the offender


Interactive Resources

Games and Colouring Pages

Children can test their knowledge of legal terms, and download colouring pages.

Victim Services of New Brunswick:

Where every victim of crime matters in New Brunswick.

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